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Walk In Baths

Why not relax in a luxurious, deep-water Neptune Walk-in Bath?


Transport yourself inside the wide side door of the Oakham and make yourself comfortable on the moulded, contoured seat.

Step into the modern Abalone and have a relaxing bath. 


Step through the door of the fabulous Larimar and enjoy a bath or a shower, you decide.

Our Range


Sit back and enjoy the feeling you are fully supported and encapsulated in a world of luxury while you soak. Enjoy the warm spray jets, and gain the numerous benefits of our revolutionary system of micro bubbles exploding against your skin.

Heated headrest, mood lighting and music if you choose. 


The door lock is easy and safe to operate. Seals come with a lifetime guarantee. At 840cms we have the widest door available designed for wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility.


Built on a sturdy Stainless Steel frame, they have a non-porous heavy acrylic shell which resists mold, stains and wear spots.

Neptune walk in baths are roomy and incredibly strong.They can accommodate frames up to 35 stone.

You can view one of our Oakham range walk in baths, by visiting the following showroom:-

Daly’s Carrickmore Ltd.
28 Main St. Carrickmore
Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland
BT79 9AY

T: 0288-0761229